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Oct 23, 2018

Meet Petter, our Chief Winemaker and Production Manager, who’s been involved in the wine industry since he was a teenager and has completed more vintages than he’d care to remember.

Petter started working on a family friend’s vineyard at 15 and progressed to growing vines from cuttings at his parents’ house before building his own wine press and wine cellar under the house.  His first attempts at winemaking were “less than successful” after he made a few batches of wine from blackcurrants, apple juice and black Hamburg grapes.  None of which are known for making great wine.

Luckily his winemaking skills improved and Petter has managed our winemaking and production since 2003.  His favourite part of the job is the variety and the challenges, in equal measures.  Petter enjoys that each day and each vintage will be different from the previous, in terms of the work, the vineyards, the fruit and the market.  “Nothing is consistent in the raw materials, so you always have to adapt.  This makes the product and the work interesting.  But also challenging.”

Apart from a 10 year stint working vintages in Nelson, Auckland, Australia and Germany, Christchurch has always been home for Petter.  He has been involved in the Canterbury wine industry in some capacity since its inception in the 1970’s, working with one of Christchurch’s oldest wineries, St Helena before joining Sherwood Estate.

Outside of work he is known for his great cooking abilities and regularly entertains family and friends.  He can also be found running or biking around Hagley Park with his wife and daughter.  And his favourite wine?  That would be like asking a parent who their favourite child is.

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