George’s Road

George’s Road vineyard is on the south west side of the Waipara Valley. The 30 acre vineyard is planted equally in Riesling, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit from this vineyard produces very aromatic and perfumed wine, quite different in taste to wines from other vineyards.

The vineyard is very exposed to the prevailing winds. The vines here are slower growing and tend to have less foliage. The vines are less susceptible to disease and the fruit has more exposure to cooling, drying winds and direct sunlight. This increases the ripening potential of the fruit leading to the development of the aromatic flavour profiles and slightly higher sugar.


South West of Waipara

Grape varietals

Pinot Noir


Sauvignon Blanc 


The soils are quite different from elsewhere in the valley. Gravelly sandy loam makes up the top 20 to 40 cm of soil with a pH of 5.8.

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Liquor License

License Number: 57/OFF/393/2018
License Expiry: 6th May 2021